Moving Teeth

Correcting the position of teeth in a smile is one of the most common requests from patients. With incredible changes and massive advances in technology clear aligners can now be used to treat many situations in as little as 10 weeks where previously conventional braces with wires and brackets would have been needed and may have been on for nearly 2 years. Unlike traditional braces with brackets, there are no problems with wires digging in or coming loose and we will bet many of your friends will not even know you are wearing them!   

At 183dental we are delighted to be able to offer our patients tooth straightening with the very well known Invisalign® system. Please click the video link below for some information on Invisalign®. 


InvisalignGo may not be suitable for all situations but please get in touch if you are interested to find out more.


Both Dr Emma Redmond and Dr Zowie Williams can provide this treatment and will be more than happy to carry out a FREE assessment with you. Often photographs are taken and can be submitted directly to Invisalign® to assess if this is a feasible treatment WITHIN JUST 7 MINUTES!! 

Invisalign® treatment starts from just £2650  

You can find out more about orthodontics HERE