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Unfortunately from time to time people need fillings. Fillings are needed if teeth are broken through fractures or decay and when old fillings fail. 


Over the years amalgam has been used as the most common filling material. This is the grey filling material you will be familiar with. Amalgam is still used in some circumstances but newer, more cosmetic natural looking fillings have been developed. The department of health is currently phasing amalgam out of use due to environmental issues. 

At 183dental we have plenty of choices of tooth coloured composite resin fillings rather than using amalgam. These resin tooth coloured fillings are bonded to your natural tooth so this reduces the amount of tooth removal required. They are hard wearing and are available in shades to match your natural tooth colour. A blue light is used to set these fillings so you are free to chew and eat with them the very same day. 

On some occasions a filling will not be sufficient to fix a tooth and a crown or onlay may be needed.

You can find out more about White Fillings HERE

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