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Emergency Care

If you have toothache please contact the practice as soon as possible so we can try to get you seen and help you as quickly as we can. We provide dedicated emergency appointments in the day so you really don't have to struggle. Please bring with you an up to date list of any medications you are taking. Please also try to think in your head of some of the answers to the following questions which may help us when we see you:

  • when did the toothache start? 

  • what makes it worse?

  • does anything make it better?

  • have you had to take pain relief? and has it helped?

  • do you know which tooth it is?

  • is it waking you from sleep?

If you or a child has had TRAUMA (fell and bashed a tooth, fractured a tooth, knocked a tooth out) please contact us STRAIGHT AWAY. It is really important that any trauma is acted on quickly to give the best possible chance of saving a damaged tooth.

If  you or a child has knocked a tooth out then follow these

guidelines in the link and contact us. 

(please be aware there is a slightly gory picture in this link!)

There is more useful information HERE

If you are unsure contact us straight away. 

Please remember our member schemes have worldwide dental cover so if you have a problem whilst you are away you are be covered in order to get the emergency care you need. Don't let it ruin your holiday!

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