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Endodontic Referrals

Click HERE to refer a patient or Download a Referral Form


Dr David Baker has been accepting referrals from dentists near and far for over 10 years now.

All patients referred for Treatment will only be treated for the endodontic treatment requested and on completion will be returned to the referring dentist. 

Dr Baker is happy to discuss Endodontic problems with Dentists and provide advice on how to overcome potential problems. 









All patients referred require a radiograph to be sent with a referral letter outlining the reason for referral and detailing any treatment which has been already carried out. 

An initial consultation appointment is usually necessary but not always. We will advise on each case. If an initial radiograph is not sent, a consultation will always be required. 

All endodontic problems can be referred but typical referrals are difficult anatomy, missed canals, fractured instruments, severely infected teeth and teeth where diagnosis is unsure. We can provide surgery if needed including hemisection of teeth and surgical endodontic treatment.

All endodontic treatment is completed with the aid of an operating microscope. 

Consultations are £50 and Endodontic treatment starts from £600.


Additional fees may be charged for retreatment cases, perforation repairs, apical closure with MTA or Bioceramic Putty, removal of posts or fractured instruments.

We will endeavour to keep patients and referring dentists aware of the potential costs at the start of treatment.  

David Baker Dentist
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Dr Baker providing Endodontic courses to Dentists in Manchester and also to simplyendo


Dr Baker was recently invited to present a case at a meeting in Switzerland

Very infected Lower first molar with 4 canals
root canal David Baker
endodontic treatment
root canal David Baker
root canal David Baker
Before root treatment of an upper molar with 4 canals
root canal David Baker
Immediately after root treatment 
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