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Routine Dental Health Check 

Routine dental health checks/examinations are crucial to maintaining your dental health.

The interval between routine Dental Health Checks is bespoke to your dental need. 

Dental examinations are arranged at intervals appropriate to you. We will discuss this with you and develop an individual plan based on your needs and requirements. It goes without saying that at anytime between routine appointments you can always make arrangements to come and see us.

Routine Dental Health Checks allow us to:

  • Confirm your medical history- Including any new medications you may be taking. Many medications can influence oral health and how we look after you. It is important to let us know any medications you take, even if you do not feel they may be appropriate to your dental care. Herbal medications are also included in this.

  • Complete a full oral cancer screen focussing on the soft tissues of your mouth. We look at the colour and texture of the soft tissues to identify anything unusual.

  • Carry out a detailed assessment of you gums- looking for inflammation, recession, bone loss and pocketing or loose teeth.

  • Undertake a complete check of your teeth- looking for cavities, cracks, broken fillings and any early signs of tooth decay.

  • Update x-rays where appropriate.  


Current guidelines suggest x-rays are taken from every 6 months
to around every 2 years depending on your individual clinical need.

Routine Dental Health Assessments are £30.

(There may be an additional cost for x-rays- We will always inform you where this is appropriate.) 

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