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New Patient Dental Health Assessment

First appointments are all about listening and looking. It gives you the opportunity to discuss your dental needs and your smile goals and we will explain how, together we can achieve and meet these goals.

A New Patient Dental Health Assessments is more than 'just a check-up' as we take the time to fully examine your mouth and assess your dental health before establishing an agreed plan going forward.

This assessment includes:-

  • a full oral cancer assessment - checking the soft tissues of your mouth
    and assessing the lymph nodes in your neck

  • assessing your gum health- looking for signs of gum disease, bleeding,
    pockets, recession and inflammation

  • observing your oral hygiene; detecting plaque and staining 

  • checking for loose or mobile teeth

  • checking your teeth for tooth decay, cavities, discolouration and
    fractures with full dental charting

  • checking existing crowns, veneers, fillings for defects and signs of failing

  • checking for signs of any infection related to teeth or gums

  • assessment of your bite

  • all appropriate x-rays- typically 2 general x-rays are taken but sometimes selective x-rays of teeth may be appropriate

Once completed you will be provided with a detailed explanation of the findings from the consultation and if any further work is required to secure your oral health you will be provided with a detailed treatment plan and associated costs. There will be an opportunity to discuss the treatment plan and on occasions with large treatment plans we will arrange for you to come back at another date after you have had the opportunity to read through all the appropriate information and choices available. 

New patient dental health assessments are £50. This includes all necessary x-rays which are normally £8 an image.


We look forward to meeting you soon- Call 0151 426 5474. 

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