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Children's Teeth

Children's teeth are massively important.


At 183dental we encourage regular dental examinations for children and this gives us the opportunity for us to provide advice in preventing tooth decay, assist with oral hygiene, advise on tooth development and for us to refer children to an orthodontist if and when needed.   

The British Society of Paediatric Dentistry (BSPD) have some great advice for parents regarding children teeth here.

There Oral Health Foundation have lots of information HERE.

Childrens Teeth Dentist

We follow the latest advice from the Department of Health Policy Delivering Better Oral Health.

We provide fluoride varnish where appropriate to all children under 16. Evidence shows that doing this every three months can reduce tooth decay by up to 40%. 

The BSPD advise that every child should have had a dental appointment before the age of one. 

Please see this great information sheet for childrens teeth from the British Society of Periodontology.

Chidrens teeth 183dental
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