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Implant Referrals

Click HERE to refer a patient or Download a Referral Form

It is vitally important that implant treatment is carried out by a Dental Surgeon with suitable experience and appropriate training in Implant Dentistry. We are able to offer implant treatment with our visiting Clinician Dr Stephen Dodd.

Dr Dodd has significant experience in placing and restoring implants and he can work with referring dentists if the referring practice wish to restore the implants themselves after treatment. Equally he is happy to restore the implants also if needed.

Dr Dodd is happy to see patients for a consultation and assess what treatment is required. In most cases a CBCT will be required and we can arrange this for your patients when appropriate (additional fee for a CBCT is required). 

All surgery will be carried out at 183dental.

A consultation with Dr Dodd is £100. Please contact the surgery directly or complete our online referral form.


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